Was there. However, the Congress has now declared the name of Mulubhai Kondoriya as a candidate.

Was there. However, the Congress has now declared the name of Mulubhai Kondoriya as a candidate.

If Hardik Patel can contest as a Congress candidate, would the party gain more or more, would he not get much advantage? BBC Gujarati spoke with Congress leader and political commentators about this.

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Advantages of contesting elections?

Senior journalist and political analyst Dilip Gohil said, "Obviously, if Haridik Patel does not fight against the election, then the Congress can get more benefit from Sarvale."

"If he does not contest the election, he can do a lot of publicity. If Hardik Patel contested the elections, BJP would try hard to defeat him, therefore, he would be more focused on his seat."

"There can not be adequate publicity in other seats in the state. If they do not contest the election, they can campaign all over Gujarat, which will benefit the Congress," he said. Hardik had campaigned against BJP during the assembly elections in 2017, which had the indirect benefit of the Congress.

He said, "One thing is that if the heartily could not contest the elections, the Congress would not be hurt due to its name being beneficial, because it would be more free for the public and would be able to preach more roomfully."

"Hardik Patel has also said earlier that if he can not contest the Lok Sabha seat, then the remaining 26 seats will be contested.

Known sociologist and former Professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ghanshyam Shah also believes that the Congress has the advantage if he does not fight beyond the wishes of contesting elections.

Shah says, "If he can not fight, he has been targeted, the kind of message that has been persecuted by the BJP flows."

"Because of this the sympathy wave will rise towards the heart of the heart and the Congress, so that the Congress party can get more benefit from the fight than the one who can fight hardly."

Gohil says that if he can not fight for a truly candid election, he can say that he is targetted more effectively in the ministry. Can get more people's sympathy

Gohil says, "He is a powerful leader and raised a voice against the BJP so that he can stop talking about it more strongly."

"The advantage of this is that the voters who are inclined to vote for BJP or not, can turn Congress towards the Congress."

'Heartfelt Starfish'

BBC Gujarati speaks with Gujarat Chief Spokesman Manish Doshi to know Congress

Doshi said, "Hardikbhai does not fight or fight in any way, there is no cause for profit or loss. Hardikbhai has been fighting the BJP."

"It is a matter of understanding that Hardikbhai has chosen the politics of conflict." Save the Constitution, save the country "is the Congress's slogan."

"Hardikbhai is also doing the same work, so joining Congress has strengthened the heart of the Congress through the fight and the fight to save the country."

"Congress national president Rahul Gandhi wants more youths to come forward in active politics. Because of the legal limitations that BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi does not contest, even if he does not contest 26 seats in Gujarat and working as a star campaigner across the country, will open the face of BJP."

Congress leader Jitubhai Patel said that if a young leader like Hardik Patel goes to the Lok Sabha, then the issue of unemployment, the plight of farmers, etc. can be raised in the Lok Sabha. Can resonate the problem of the youth of the country in Parliament.

Jitubhai says, "Going to a hearty Lok Sabha is auspicious for the present and the next generation. Hardik Patel has the advantage even if he can not fight because the hearty Toto is talking about the whole thing."

"Ultimately, to defeat the dictatorship, everyone has to work with. Hardly does not fight or fight, but the important thing is that it is a representative of oppressed people, farmers and unemployed youth."

"Even if Hardik Patel is with Congress or nominating Congress from Congress, Ghanshyam Shah does not seem to benefit from keeping the Congress in sight," he said. He said that the political class of the Patidars is a happy class with the BJP. "

"On the basis of Patidar votes, Congress gets traditionally 20 to 25 percent of the voters," he said.

"In both the cases where Haridik Patel does not nominate from Congress or not, in the two states, only 5 to 10 percent votes of the Patidars can turn it to the Congress, which means that the Congress got 25 percent votes from the Patidars, which would increase to 30 or 35 percent. Do not think. "

Voting effect

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Hardic Patel can prove to be a face for Congress, which can bring mass mobilization to the broad masses party?

Responding to the question, Dilip Gohil said that the urban Patidars of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat etc. have been keeping the BJP afloat. For the last three decades, Patidar has not been the Congress's corewoters.

Gohil said, "With the emphasis on 'Patidar Power' through the heart of Patel, Congress will not be able to get any benefit from this, due to this it will be damaged."

"OBC - Other Backward Class, Adivasi, Dalit, etc. have been the voters of the Congress. If the Congress highlights the interest to attract patdi votes, then they will have to suffer the loss of their traditional commitment to votebank."

"Remember that when Hardy Patel started the agitation, his main demand was that the Patidars should be included in the OBC.