The people who call the Indian army for the Modi army are traitors: V. That Lion

The people who call the Indian army for the Modi army are traitors: V. That Lion

BBC General Veer Singh
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on April 1, in Ghaziabad, Union Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, General V. That In the campaign of Lion, the Indian Army was called 'Modiji's army'.

Opposition parties have expressed their displeasure over this, many former army officers have also opposed this saying that the army is of the country and no leader is there.

Yogi Adityanath, addressing the election of Ghaziabad, said, "Congressmen feed the terrorists to Biryani and Modi's army is shot and killed by terrorists."

Is it right to call the Indian army a Modi army?

In response to this question, V. That In a special interview given to the BBC, Singh said, "In the propagation of BJP, people are saying their army but whatever army we are talking about."

"Are we talking about the army of India that we are talking about political workers? I do not know what the context is."

"If anyone says that the Indian army is the army of Modi, then it is not just wrong but there is treason. Indian soldiers are Indian, it is not from any political party."

General Singh said, "India's soldiers are neutral, capable of separating from politics, who do not know who is talking about this. One person is the one whose mind is saying this because they have nothing else to do."

V. That Singh said, "If you talk about the army of India, talk about the army of India. If you speak politically, we can often call them Modi's army or the army of the BJP, but there is a difference between them and the army of India."

Admiral Ramdas, who has been the president of India's navy, and General Hooda, who is head of the Northern Command, also said that the army is being politicized.

About this. That Singh said, "He is not a politician. He has said that the army's achievements seem to be used for political interests."

Then DS Hooda said that it should not happen. No one has said that the politics is being done.

Why does a film on a surgical strike? In response to this question, General Singh said, "The film is made up of all, brother became a 'striking' film, it was a film made against the terrorists in the 90's."

Why are the faces of CRPF jaws in political meetings?

General Singh said, "Tell me if I should pay a banner here and pay homage to the martyrs, then you would say that this is a political assault? Those who call it politicized, first they should study or what is the politics of the people?"