How true is the story of Prime Minister Modi's biopic?

How true is the story of Prime Minister Modi's biopic?

"Hindustan is not afraid of terror, terror will frighten Hindustan."

In front of a team of soldiers in the snowy hills of Kashmir, a person is carrying a tricolor in front of the bridge, at the forefront, before the dialogue is opened, the extremists fire on the person.

The soldiers act in response, the person sits on the knees, but does not let the tricolor touch.

This is a two-and-a-half-minute film trailer's most powerful scene. The person who has flagged the hand in hand is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Before the general elections, this film has created a political storm in the country.

Prior to the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biopic 'PM Narendra Modi' will be released in cinemas.

Its release date has been kept on April 5. Before this, the opposition Congress has made a strong protest against the film's release. The party has alleged that it has been made by the BJP and it shows the party's shallow politics.

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party has nothing to do with the film, but Vivek Oberoi, who is playing the character of Modi, is a supporter of the BJP.

In response to a question on the launch of the trailer at the beginning of this month, he dubbed the 'Modi Hai Mumkin Hai' of the BJP's election campaign.

Senior BJP leaders were seen present in many programs related to film promotions.

The Election Commission was investigating whether the film's release violates the Code of Conduct?

Today the Election Commission has announced that it can not stop the release dates of the film.

The film's producer has told the commission that they have their own investment in it.

Writer and producer Sandeep Singh said in an interview that he wants to tell the story of "a great personality" so that people get "inspiration" from them.

He told the BBC, "I do not have anything to do with politics, politicians or any party. If they (the opposition) are afraid of a film, then they do not trust the works done in their country and states."

Did you read this or not?

PropeGanda movie

Still, the trailer of the film has just been launched, the release of the movie is still pending in cinemas, some people have already considered it as a propaganda movie.

Hindustan Times film critic Raja Sen told the BBC, "The time of the film release makes it suspicious. It started shooting in January. The film is being released in April."

"To release this before the elections, we (Modi's) are trying to take advantage of the benefits and the film will continue to promote the image that they want."

Prime Minister Modi is claiming that he sold tea in childhood and from there he traveled to the country's prime minister.

He has been associated with the Hindu Organization RSS from the southwest and has been Chief Minister in Gujarat for 13 years.

His personal appeal and strong Hindutva leader's image gave popularity to the party.

Narendra Modi looks distraught and sad after 2002 communal riots. Most of the people who died in these riots were Muslim. This view of the trailer seems to be shocking to many critics.

At the time of the storm, Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state and he has been accused that he did not take any steps to stop the riots.

The US then refused to grant them a visa. However, 68-year-old Modi has always denied the accusations.

Fantasy chronology
Neelanjan Mukhopadhyay, a journalist and author of Modi's biography in 2013 says, "This is a fictional story of Modi's life."

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay wrote the book on Modi's name, "Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times."

They say that in view of Modi being attacked by extremists by wearing a tricolor in hand, he is trying to connect his past with the party's present political spirit.

They say, "On the contrary, they were blamed that during the riots, the Chief Minister's Office did not take any appropriate action during the difficulties."

In 1992, Modi participated in BJP's work as a BJP activist from Murli Manohar Joshi from South to North. Its finish was accompanied by a tricolor floating in the Kashmir Valley.

According to Mukhopadhyay, the caravala was fired by Sikh extremists of Punjab.

They say that anti-Pakistan and rigid Kashmir policy is at the center of Modi and BJP's election campaign. By showing the Prime Minister standing in front against extremism in Kashmir, many people will be affected in the country.

"His history is being changed to get the current situation."

Producer Sandeep Singh believes that even though the sequel of this film is based on truth, it has been given a little fictional form.

He said, "Our aim was to get people to see things, scenes, movies and characters."

Increase in nationalist figures
Congress and other parties have argued that the film should not be released during elections.

Besides this film, 10 episodes will be released in April on 'Modi: Journey of a Commonman' eros Nau.

Web series and film PM Narendra Modi are not just such works. There have been many films that are clearly diplomatic and can influence votes.

The Accidental Prime Minister, based on the life of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was released in January this year. He was severely criticized.

It is said that some people were attacked by the Congress.

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